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With our onboarding process; managing your bookings and earning money is simple and free in our mobile app. Plus, access business tools, social media features and partnerships to take your brand and impact to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not black, a woman, or a person of color; can I still join?

do i need to have a certification to host an activity?

Are all the activities hosted outdoors?

Who Are Ambassadors?

What is the refund policy?

what happens if my activity needs to be canceled due to weather?

How do I communicate with those who book my activity?

how much should i charge for my activity?

Why do you charge a fee?

do you verify all my activity postings?

When will I get paid for my activities?

Can I change my profile information?

How is my information shared or used?

my ambassador didn’t show up for my activity, what do i do?

is my credit card information safe with you?

How can I share feedback about my experience?

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Whether you're interested in roller skating, a beach meditation or learning about urban farming; there's a bestie(s) to share in the fun with you! 

Each booked activity supports overall wellbeing, helps to protect outdoor environments and keeps dollars ciruclating locally. The app is browsable by location, experience and keywords, so find your next adventure today!