Our digital summit is happening IRL in Montego Bay, Jamaica!

wellness  that prioritizes progress over perfection


This summit highlights the expertise of

 wellness practioners and healthcare professionals 

to support experiences across the Diaspora and beyond

past Summit Speakers

Marriage & Family Therapist,

Well~ish Summit 2021

Innovation + Strategy Consultant

Well~ish Summit 2021

Manifestation + Mindset Coach

Well~ish Summit 2022

Program & Data Advisor, USAID

Well~ish Summit 2021

AI Translation, Entrepreneur

Well~ish Summit 2021

Kemetic Yoga  + Chakra Expert

Well~ish Summit 2021

MPH + Social Impact Creative

Well~ish Summit 2021

Thru Hiker + Adventure Blogger 

Well~ish Summit 2021

Urbam Farm Owner + Food Activist

Well~ish Summit 2022

Resident Psychiatrist

Moorehouse School of Medicine

Well~ish Summit 2021

Founder, Outdoor Besties 

Well~ish Summit Creator

Yoga + Cannabis Meditation 

Well~ish Summit 2022


What to expect at Well~ish Summit

It's interactive AF.  No one is there to talk at you, but rather talk with you. Attendees enjoy engaging conversations and movement workshops.

We embrace imperfection.  Wellness is a lifetime journey; sometimes it takes a wrong turn and new accomodation to find what works for you.

Well~ish is a safe space.  We strive to create trust where personal experiences are openly shared, embraced and held in respect and gratitude.

This space is by us, for us.  Well~ish intentionally centers conversations on the needs of marginalized communities and explores opportunities to heal

No fluff. We talk about real and relevant issues affecting our communities from the perspective of professional expertise and lived experience.

Resources you'll actually use.  We provide you with accessible tools to help you continue your wellness journey after the summit ends.